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2024 is just around the corner, and if you are anything like me, you can’t wait to start planning your trip(s) for the upcoming year.

Luggage Tag: Getaway Suitcase Tag

Luggage tags are a dime in a dozen, there are so many different options in all shapes in colors. But they are an essential travel item any experienced traveler will swear by. In a sea of Away suitcases, it’s getting more and more difficult to quickly spot your luggage at the baggage claim, so adding a pop of uniqueness to your suitcase should cut down on the time spent searching for your baggage. 

We love the Getaway Suitcase tags, which come in many fun colorways. The tag comes with a slip to write your personal contact information on, and it’s covered by a piece of material that safely secures with a button – this way, your information is not visible to everyone. But the best part? These tags are made from vegan leather, making them a sustainable choice!

Backpack: Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Travel Pack

Thanks to Basic Economy seats, backpacks have evolved from simply holding the bare essentials needed during the flight to now being packed to the brim with multiple outfits, toiletries, and even shoes. Finding the right backpack has therefore become even more important: you’ll need a good mix of storage compartments, a sturdy design to hold all of your stuff but also be comfortable to carry. 

We love the Cotopaxi brand, thanks to their high-quality goods and their environmental and social sustainability approach. Cotopaxi has several awesome backpacks for all different needs, but the Allpa 35l Travel Pack is the perfect size for 1-2 week long trips. This rugged pack built for adventures is ready to explore, from week-long trips abroad to small-town getaways. This lightweight yet durable pack is perfectly sized for carry-on convenience, loaded with features, and tough enough to last a lifetime of adventures. 

We love this backpack, because it is the perfect size to count as a carryon, but has a suitcase-style, full-wrap zipper opening on the main compartment that makes organization easy.

Packing Cubes: Eagle Creek Pack-It Original Packing Cubes Set

Speaking of packing all your belongings and then some: packing cubes are an absolute must-have for travelers who want to spend more than a long weekend away. Packing cubes will allow you to be a lot more organized in your packing, but also pack more of your things into your backpack or suitcase.

As with the luggage tags, there are plenty of options for packing cubes, but we like the Eagle Creek Pack-It Original Packing Cubes Set. This set comes with cubes in a couple of different sizes, so you’ll be able to pack all of your belongings neatly together. Eagle Creek’s cubes are also of higher quality than competing products and should live up well to a few years of traveling. 

Toiletry Bottles: Humangear GoToob Squeeze Bottles

We can’t forget to pack our toiletries, nobody wants to start smelling a bit funky just because you left your body wash at home. Toiletry bottles allow you to keep all of your soaps, lotions, and related items organized while ensuring that you meet TSA’s strict rule on sizes for carry-on liquids.

One of our favorite toiletry bottle sets is the Humangear GoToob Squeeze Bottle set. If you’ve ever watched your luggage get tossed around by baggage handlers, you’ll appreciate the spill-proof features of these bottles. To fill these TSA-compliant bottles, you simply screw off the top, add your soaps/lotions/whatnot; a mess-free valve will help you dispense just the right amount once you’re at your final destination. And once you’re back home, these bottles are dishwasher-safe for an easy clean. All in all, there are plenty of options on the market, but the GoToob set will allow you to travel free of any worries about spilled liquids in your bags!

Travel Pillow: Travelrest

For a comfortable flight, a good travel pillow is an essential item to pack in your carry-on luggage. We all know that the pillows airlines provide in Economy class are way too thin for any real comfort, let alone deep sleep. While you are always able to pick up a standard travel pillow at the airport, we highly recommend the Travelrest! The uniquely angled back on this pillow sets it apart from other travel pillows because it can lay flat against the seat back. We also like that the Travelrest has rubber grip dots to prevent slipping while sleeping, a common issue with other pillows. The pillow is made of a memory foam cushion that wraps around the entire circumference of your neck, preventing your head from leaning far in any direction. It also comes with its own carrying case and is machine-washable!

Eye Mask: Manta Sleep Mask

Sleep you say? To get some serious shut-eye on your next flight, an eye mask might be an essential item to pack. As with the travel pillow, you can always pick up a fairly standard eye mask at the airport, and sometimes you’ll even get one for free during the flight. But we recommend investing in a thicker and more comfortable sleep mask, like the Manta sleep mask. The Manta Sleep Mask stands out as a premium option, offering a design that prioritizes comfort and light-blocking capabilities. Crafted with a contoured shape, this eye mask avoids putting pressure on the eyes, catering especially to side sleepers who often find traditional masks uncomfortable. The contoured design helps create a cozy, light-free environment for restful sleep. An adjustable strap system and soft materials that feel comfortable on your skin are features that we like in this mask!

Travel Plug Adapter: OneAdaptr OneWorld 100

Lastly, any trip outside of the United States (for our US-based readers) will require you to have a travel plug for your electronics. Trust me, there is nothing worse than arriving at your hotel late at night, and realizing that you cannot charge your phone as the plug you brought can’t be used. One of our favorite Travel plug adapters is the OneAdaptr OneWorld 100, as it is one of the most compact and versatile options available. Designed with compatibility in mind, the OneWorld 100 boasts an array of plug configurations that cover over 150 countries. This makes it a comprehensive travel companion, ensuring that users can charge their devices seamlessly across different regions without the hassle of carrying multiple adapters. The compact form factor of the OneWorld 100 enhances its portability, easily fitting into a pocket or travel pouch. The adapter features a sliding mechanism that allows users to select the appropriate plug for the region they are in, eliminating the need for detachable pieces that can be easily misplaced.


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