We believe that the travel industry needs a bit of an overhaul.

Traveling to new destinations is a privilege and can have a negative impact on our environment and our planet. We believe that any business operating in the travel sector has the obligation to create a more sustainable approach to traveling and enable their customers to care a bit more for our planet while still visiting new places near and far.

We’ve therefore set out on a mission to build a better way for soon-to-be travelers to learn about the newest updates from the travel industry, find the best travel accessories, and book tickets for their next adventure.

Creating lasting impact

We are committed to building a company that places the planet’s well-being above our profits. We do so by taking a percentage of any money we make and immediately donating it to organizations aimed at protecting our planet. 

Our current business model relies on affiliate marketing, which basically means that if you choose to purchase a travel product, like flights, hotel stays, rental cars or even one of the physical products linked on our website, we receive a small percentage of the purchase price at no extra cost to you. 

We use these funds to support awesome organizations like One Tree Planted and Trees for the Future* that work hard to create lasting impact for the betterment of our planet for generations to come. But that’s not all, we also seek out other projects around the globe, so part of the earnings that we receive thanks to your patronage may help save the rhinos* or provide clean drinking water to communities in need.*

Now you might have noticed that other companies also promise to donate a percentage of their profits to similar causes. And we respect that! But, instead of taking a percentage of our profits (which for many Companies, including laterPlane are slim), we are committed to using our pre-expense, rather than post-expense earnings to support the selected causes. This means that we have to hold ourselves accountable and be smart in how we operate as a business, but hopefully allows us to have a greater impact on the causes and organizations we support.

*Future Projects, currently in the works.

But that’s just the beginning

We know that big change starts small, so while we are excited to set out on the journey to create positive change in the travel industry, we strive to learn and adapt to always embrace our mission to better the planet. 

Every day brings a new chance to be even better to our planet. Become B-Corp Certified, work with partners that share our fundamental values and vision, and be a driving force in rethinking how we all can travel while still caring for our planet. 

We really hope that you join us on our journey by following us on Social Media, and maybe even booking your next trip via laterPlane!

Our Partners

Hosting: We rely on Siteground to host our website, as we’ve found them to provide the best services and support – oh, and their main data center partner – Google Cloud – matches 100% of the energy consumed by their global operations with renewable energy and maintains a commitment to carbon neutrality.

Banking: We’ve partnered with Atmos Financial, a Financial Institution that is certified B-corp. Their goal is to provide permanent positive environmental and societal impact by shifting money away from activities that directly harm our planet and towards those that help preserve it. Atmos Financial pledges to only lend to sectors that help to rapidly accelerate our transition towards a clean, fair, and transformed economy. Their intent is to flatten financial barriers so that everyone can participate in and benefit from a carbon-free future. Atmos provides all account holders the ability to activate their money to create measurable, positive climate impact. Put simply, Atmos deposits are matched with partner banks that directly fund Atmos solar loans. By directly reducing emissions through the deployment of renewable energy, your money acts as a carbon sink.

We also bank with Climate First Bank, the nation’s first community bank founded on fighting the climate crisis. Climate First Bank is a B-Corp, carbon neutral and a member of 1% for the planet. Climate First Bank and Project Regeneration have partnered to develop the Regeneration Checking account – providing laterPlane (and you) with the opportunity to foster positive social and environmental change where every dollar deposited can make an impact on saving our planet by supporting the efforts of Project Regeneration. Paul Hawken’s Project Regeneration is a non-profit organization advocating for a plan to end the climate crisis in one generation. We utilize the Regenerative Checking offering, which allows us to 100% of interest earned on the account is donated to Project Regeneration as well as a one-time donation of $100 to the same Project. To learn more about Climate First Bank and Project Regeneration, follow the links above!

Travel Deals: We have partnered with WayAway to provide you with the best travel deals, and the easiest way of booking your next adventure. WayAway is a bit of a newcomer in the Travel Booking space, but we believe they provide a better booking process than some of the other well-known competitors. Their clean interface makes booking your next trip super easy and you can be assured that we will find you the best price! On top of that, WayAway also shares their profits with customers through cash back offers – yes, really! You can get cash back simply by booking your next flight or hotel stay with us and our partner WayAway. And as always, for any bookings made through laterPlane’s partnership with WayAway, we donate to some of the amazing organizations listed above. You win, our planet wins!